North & Company, LLCPersonal Financial Advisor
Independent Investment Advice

Providing independent investment advice and management.
Focused on pre and post retirement planning and investments.

Fee-Only Financial Advice

  • No Sales Commissions or Referral Fees. Ask about the NAPFA Oath.
  • Most people find our fees to be lower than what they currently pay
  • Have confidence in unbiased advice you have received.
  • We do not sell or receive incentives from any particular mutual fund or insurance company.
  • Our time and effort is focused on helping you achieve your goals.
NAPFA  Fee Only

Quotes that help explain our Philosophy:

"It's tough to make predictions... especially about the future."
~ Yogi Berra

"The only investors that shouldn't diversify are those that are right 100% of the time."
~ Sir John Templeton - Father of Modern Investing

"The stock market is a relocation center in which money is moved from the impatient to the patient."
~ Warren Buffet - Berkshire Hathaway

Financial Tips & Comments

Today many people have a number of different investments or incomes that will help fund their retirement. Figuring out how they all go together, and what level of income they can provide, can be a nightmare for most people. Let us help you with our "Retirement Capital Estimate" that considers inflation rates, cost of living adjustments, taxes, social security, taxable investment returns and deferred tax investment returns. Our "Retirement Capital Estimate" puts it all together into a year by year estimate of your expenses and how best to utilize income streams and investments to fulfill your needs over the long term.

Let us help you pull it all together and achieve a better understanding of how prepared you may be, and what we can do to improve your financial future. For those with IRA's and left over 401K in different places we consider it all and can even help you consolidate your investments.

We travel between Maine and Florida on a monthly basis. To provide good communication accessibility we utilize a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone system. Just dial your local number when you want to talk with us and it will ring in our current location.